Game-for-Life (GFL) Mentoring & Competency Certification Programme

What is this GFL Mentoring and Competency Certification Programme about?​

A continuing coach education programme to certify and recognise coaches who are competent in using sport as a platform for character development.

The programme will be anchored on Sport Singapore’s Game-for-Life (GFL) framework as the approach for the intentional design of sport for character development (CLDS). Mentoring is a key feature of this programme whereby interested coaches will be matched to an experienced mentor to guide them over a period of about 4 months on effectively layering the affective domain as part of their coaching process before being assessed for their competency.


Programme Structure

*Programme structure might be subject to changes

Part 1 – Preparation & Alignment

  • Briefings on Programme Expectations
  • Mentor-Pairings & Introductions
  • E-Learning Module / Pre-Readings
  • Building Rapport & Goal Setting with Mentors

Part 2 – Observation & Mentoring​

  • 3 x Coaching Sessions of 1-1 mentoring for observations & feedback (done during mentee's existing coaching sessions)
  • 1 x Mid-point check in and huddle with fellow mentees
  • Submission of session plans prepared with GFL training plan template prior to every observation session, post-conversation logs to be documented
  • Online consultation in between sessions via whatsapp, email etc.

Part 3 – Competency Assessment & Closing​

  • 1 x Coaching Assessment of Training Session based on submitted GFL session plan, review whether each coach is C/NYC
  • Closing Reflection / Conversation with Mentor
  • Submission of all deliverables, final reflection and programme feedback
  1. All engagements to happen over a 4-month window arranged between Mentor/Coach
  2. Upon assessed as Competent by independent assessors, participants will receive Certificate of Competency (certified by SportSG)
  3. This programme can count towards Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Hours for NROC Coaches

How to get involved?

The next intake is planned to commence from November 2023 – March 2024.

We are looking for coaches who genuinely believe in the importance of values & character development through sport and would like to:

  • Strengthen themselves to be a values-driven & transformational coach
  • Upskill themselves to design their coaching sessions to integrate values into their coaching practice underpinned by the GFL framework
  • Have the opportunity to undergo 1-1 mentoring by experienced mentors who are competent in the affective domain
  • Be able to commit to their personal development and mentoring programme for the stipulated period of approx. 4 months, 15 Hours of Learning

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimally NROC Level 1 Coach
  • At least 3 years of Coaching Experience & Regular Coaching Practice
  • *Have attended either the Game for Life Practical Workshop or have a VPS Certification (from Jan 2021 onwards)

*For coaches who do not possess the above certifications, there will be an upcoming GFL Practical Workshop organised on 20 October 2023, Friday, 9am-1pm at Republic Poly. 

Coaches who are interested to be part of the mentoring programme as a mentee may register your interest here:

Closing date for registration: 22 October 2023, Sunday

If you have any questions on the programme, you may email: or


GFL Mentors

List of Game-For-Life Mentors 

Our pool of mentors are made up of experienced educators/coaches who:

  • Genuinely believes in the importance of values & character development
  • Competent Practitioner of Character & Leadership Development Through Sport
  • Willing to spend their time mentoring other coaches
  • Seen as a Role Model to other coaches
  • Good interpersonal skills – ability to communicate clearly, emotional awareness
  1. Alan Ch’ng (Independent Consultant)
  2. Alvin Ong (Adjunct Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  3. Clara Tan (Adjunct Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  4. Coral Lim (Programme Chair, Diploma in Sports Coaching, Republic Polytechnic)
  5. David Chin (Principal Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  6. Gobinathan Nair (Director-General, SEA Regional Anti-Doping Organisation)
  7. Goy Soon Lan (Director, School of Health & Leisure, Republic Polytechnic)
  8. Ho Mun Wai (Principal Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  9. Isa Haleem (Head Coach, ActiveSG Football Academy)
  10. Kiran Kumar (Adjunct Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)​
  11. Lim Leng Er (Assistant Director, School of Health & Leisure, Republic Polytechnic)
  12. Loh Ngiap Tai (Director, Football Plus)
  13. Lois Ser (Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  14. Mah Li Lian (Associate Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University & Republic Polytechnic)
  15. Mohamad Noorhisham (PE Teacher, Punggol Secondary)
  16. Philippe Aw (National Youth Head Coach, Football Association Singapore)
  17. Saudi Tan (Adjunct Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic)
  18. Teo-Koh Sock Miang (President, Special Olympics Singapore and Singapore Disability Sports Council)
  19. Vincent Ong (Adjunct Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University & Republic Polytechnic)

CoachSG is on the constant lookout for more mentors! Interested individuals may email your CV to

List of Game-for-Life Competent Coaches

CoachSG congratulates the following coaches who have completed the programme and have been assessed to be competent in demonstrating values-driven coaching competencies:

Nov 2020 – April 2021 Intake
  • Brenda Ter Wei Ting (Athletics) - Excellent 
  • Cheryl Tay SiHui (Canoe) - Excellent 
  • Erick Yap Pern Fei (Basketball) - Excellent 
  • Joe Goh Pek Seng (Athletics)
  • Kang Yen Hun (Triathlon)
  • Kelvin Pung Wai Hwa (Badminton)
  • Lin Yen Yu (Triathlon) - Excellent 
  • Maisurah Binte Muhammed (Floorball)
  • Md Fathi Ibrahim (Floorball)

  • Abbas Abdul Karim (Floorball)
  • Sheik Abdul Kader (Hockey)
  • Syed Uzair Bin Syed Haron (Badminton)
  • Wong Kia Yuan (Volleyball)
  • Neo Ah Geok (Netball)
  • Ng Wan Chiang Robin (Hockey)
  • Patrick Brian Paranjody (Football)
  • Quan Chee Kiong Eugene (Athletics)
  • Ryuto Tamano (Tennis)
  • Saravanan s/o Tabethu (Athletics)
  • Tee Ee Han (Basketball)

  • Mohammad Herman B Zailani (Football)
  • Teo Guang Yi Lucas (Canoe)
  • Zahid Bin Ahmad (Football)
Sept 2021 - April 2022 Intake
  • Alif Hafiz (Football) -  Excellent 
  • Ang Jing Xi (Tchoukball)
  • Chris Yip-Au (Football)
  • Chua Teck Guan (Basketball)
  • Hamqaamal Shah (Football) - Excellent 
  • Ho Wen Jin (Football) - Excellent 
  • Isa Halim (Silat) - Excellent 
  • Kader Sunny Sultan (Softball)
  • Koh Chin Chin, Carol (Swimming) - Excellent 
  • Lynden Pung (Football)
  • Miur Rafik B Taha (Football) - Excellent 
  • Muhammad Fiqri (Silat)
  • Ng Wei Feng (Softball)
  • Ng Ziyi (Athletics)
  • Noh Bin Mohd Sharif (Silat)
  • Nur Fazlin Binte Juma'en (Silat)
  • Nurul Khairunnisa Binte Azlani @ Fiona Binte Azlani (Silat)
  • Ong Wan Theng (Netball)
  • Poh Tze-Ming Kelvin (Basketball)
  • Siew Zheng Xun, Alvin (Canoeing)
  • Silas Abdul Karim (Football)
  • Tan Jiaxiang, Joel (Badminton)
  • Xu Weixin (Athletics) - Excellent 


June 2022 - October 2022 Intake
  • Louis Ho (Physical Education) - Excellent 
  • Justin Chua (Netball) - Excellent
  • Koh Boon Kim (Swimming) - Excellent
  • Farhan Farook (Football) - Excellent 
  • Mhd Sofiyan (Football) - Excellent 
  • Ong Kai Wen (Canoeing) - Excellent 
  • Chia Kiang Kheat (Athletics) - Excellent 
  • Sanjay Radakrishna (Cross-Country) - Excellent 
  • Berry John Wayne (Football) - Excellent 
  • Nazir Bin Abdul Hamid (Football)
  • Teo Teck Huat (Volleyball)
  • Benjamin Low (Canoeing)
  • Muhd Aliffy Bin Haris (Hockey)
  • Sultan Syed Sikandar (Football)
  • Jason Phang (Volleyball)
  • Julian Lim (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Mydin Adbul Kadir (Football)
  • Yeo Jun Guang (Football)
  • Kenny Chia (Tennis)
  • Zakiah Zainudin (Tennis)
  • Bradley Lai (Tennis)
  • Aslam Jaffar (Tennis)
Dec 2022 - May 2023 Intake
  • Ahmad Musaddad bin Amir Hamzah Adi (Tennis) 
  • Ethan Lee Wei Kang (Tennis) 
  • Mohamed Shan-Rievan Mohamed Salleh (Flying Disc) 
  • Jonathan Yeo (Flying Disc) 
  • Pang Qiao-Yi Fiona (Flying Disc) 
  • Ng Guan Hee Jonathan (Flying Disc) 
  • Tan Xiang Tian (Wushu) - Excellent 
  • Tan Yi Ru (Floorball) - Excellent 
  • Mok Jing Qiong (Badminton)
  • Koh Kiat Xuan (Swimming)
  • Tan Kok Wah, Raymond (Swimming)
  • Tay Peng Miang (Canoeing)
  • Tang Ryan Ariffin (Football)
  • Tengku Mushadad (Football)
  • Nur Faizah Binte Mohd Aidi (Football)
  • Premkumar S/O Gnanaprakasam (Football)
  • Muhammad Jasni Bin Hatta (Football) - Excellent 
  • Muhammad Syazwan (Football) - Excellent 
  • Ahmad Faris Bin Muhammad Johari (Floorball)
  • Fariza Begum Binte Mohamed Zabir (Floorball) - Excellent 
  • Poh Huei Pin Debbie (Floorball)