National registry of coaches (Nroc)

National Registry of Coaches (NROC)

What is NROC?

The National Registry of Coaches (NROC) was launched in 2003 to raise the standard and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore. It aims to ensure that coaches meet baseline qualifications, that coaches continue to practise and improve, and that coaches provide a safe environment for their athletes. Today, there are over 6,100 coaches listed across 89 sports in the NROC and coaches can choose to publish their profile via an online public database called "Find a Coach".

Coaches in the NROC are duly certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme (formerly known as the National Coaching Accreditation Programme or NCAP) in their respective sports and must hold Standard First Aid certification (including CPR&AED). They are committed to abide by the Coach’s Code of Ethics and meet the requirements for the Continuing Coach Education Programme. This is part of the quality assurance to users of the coaching services that the coaches registered under NROC are up-to-date in their coaching knowledge and skills.
Through NROC, Sport Singapore aims to give recognition to coaches who have been certified and deemed competent by a national body. Doing so also allows the public to have easy access to qualified coaches.

Membership Requirements

Provisional Membership

With effect from 1st July 2024, NEW applications for NROC Provisional Membership will be ceased. 
  1. Valid Standard First Aid (SFA) Certificate
  2. Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) Certificate or its equivalent*
  3. Other supporting documents of playing experience or coaching certification and experience in the sport of choice

Full Membership

  1. Valid SFA Certificate
  2. Basic Sport Science (BSS) Certificate (exempted for NCAP Theory certificate holder)
  3. SG-Coach Level 1 (Theory) including Values & Principles in Sports, or National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Certificate or its equivalent
  4. SG-Coach Level 1 (Technical) or NCAP Certificate or its equivalent
  5. Other supporting documents

*Certificates which are deemed as its equivalent are SG-Coach Theory Level 1 Certificate which includes the VPS module, National Standards in Youth Sports for Coaching in Singapore Schools Certificate and Certificate of Attendance for Building Capacity of Coaches and Instructors (BCCI) Workshop.

What is Provisional Membership?

Sport Singapore introduced the provisional membership category from Jan 2017. The provisional membership allows existing and aspiring sport coaches to participate in academic, educational and professional development activities to improve their coaching practice as they work toward completing all requirements of full NROC membership.

Over a 3-year provisional membership period, they could be given priority enrolment into various coaching courses and activities organised by Sport Singapore, their respective National Sports Association and other organisations. The aim is to prepare them to obtain the necessary certification to become a full member within the NROC and to stay current in the practice of sport coaching as a profession.

Course Calendar

Get set for coaching events across Singapore. From the SG-Coach Programmes, workshops, programmes and Coaching Clinics to the CoachSG Conference, CoachSG has something for everyone. Our Course Calendar is in the works, for information on our events and courses, do visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Find A Coach

Where to find an NROC coach?

NROC coaches who maintain an Active membership, and who choose to have their profiles published, would be listed on our myActiveSG website called “Find a Coach”. Click on “Find A Coach” below to head over!


Benefits for NROC Members (Coaches)

  • Employment opportunities in organisations hiring NROC coaches only
  • Eligible to sign up for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) courses for free or at preferential rates
  • Access* to online coach profile, membership card and e-logbook (via SportSync. Click here for a mini-guide on e-card, and here for e- logbook)
  • Profile available for search on “Find a Coach” - an online database of NROC coaches
  • Eligible to apply for Coach Capability Development Grant
  • Eligible to book Sports Hub Library seminar rooms for discussions
  • Exclusive invitation to special events (e.g. visiting fellows or renown coaches)
  • Preferential rate for targeted workshops and courses

* Please note that NROC has stopped issuing physical membership cards since Apr 2020.

Benefits For Employers of NROC Coaches

  • The NROC serves as a valuable guide, with a list of registered coaches of various sports for the public or organisations who wish to select a certified coach to carry out coaching assignments.
  • The public can be assured that all registered coaches are duly certified and are required to abide to the Coach’s Code of Ethics.
  • Registered coaches are current in their knowledge and skills as these coaches are required to participate actively in Continuing Coach Education activities.