One of the goals of Vision 2030 is extending the impact of the Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) – the high performance arm of SportSG - to reinforce the high performance system.

SSI supports the development of high performance sport in Singapore and provides a comprehensive suite of performance, medical and coach support in service of the foregoing.

The professional development of coaches is a key focus area of Vision 2030. In 2014, SportSG commissioned a study of the demographics of Singapore’s coaches to better understand the industry’s profile, wants, and needs.

With the benefit of these insights, SportSG designed a concept of an ‘academy’ for coaches in 2015, and officially launched CoachSG in May 2017 with a first ever coaching conference.

CoachSG aims to serve as a key lever to coaches’ successes as coaches are recognised as critical force multipliers in sport and aspires to codify positive sport experiences. This is achieved by ensuring coaching competency through the establishment of quality pathways and initiatives for holistic coach development.


Vision 2030


To be recognised as a world-class centre for coaching and leadership and inspire lifelong personal development and programme excellence, CoachSG focuses on three main strategies:

1. Coaching Development (CD)

Helping coaches to reflect upon one’s personal values, learn which values are beneficial to the all-rounded growth of youth and how to teach them through sports coaching.

2. Character and Leadership Development (CLD)

Foster character development, values education and leadership development through sport.

3. Coaching Industry Development (CID)

Guide the quality assurance and competency standards, oversee employment policies and identify industry needs

4. Safe Sport Taskforce (SSTF)

Promotes values and best practices of Safe Sport and leads efforts to safeguard athletes, participants and officials from abuse and harassment, and protect the integrity of sport and sports organisations through policies and programmes.

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