Conference Synopsis

The over-arching theme of “Think Global, ACT Local – Adapt. Create. Transform” seeks to convey the evolving landscape of sport to articulate required global best practices and principles in coaching to address new demands of sport locally against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Unpacking the acronym of ACT, is the call to action, to encourage a posture in our coaches where they:

  • Adapt to change to be relevant despite the global pandemic and emerging challenges so that they can thrive beyond circumstances.
  • Create new opportunities and Challenge existing boundaries.
  • Transform the coaching industry and sporting ecosystem through constant Innovation.

Amidst the backdrop of our nation’s Vision 2030 blueprint, sport is appreciated as a space for national development and globally recognised as a microcosm of life and thus, an important lever for societies to engage. Therefore, the role and identity of the coach has to be reimagined. He is a designated leader; a professional armed with the most appropriate and progressive pedagogy, an agent who moulds the current generation to face the uncertainties of the next.

Arguably more pertinent is the digital nature of the world, most notably, that it is one steeped in tensions and change. We have thus, identified three broad themes to allow our community to better understand the times that we live in:

  1. Pedagogy & Leadership
  2. Sports Science & Technology
  3. Future Ready Singapore

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Conference Details

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20 - 22 October 2020
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9AM - 4PM
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Online Conference

About CoachSG

CoachSG aims to enhance and support the professional development of coaches, and raise the profile of coaching as a profession.
An academy to support the development and professionalisation of coaches of all levels.

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