What’s the objective of this programme?

Volunteers play a vital role in many coaching programmes, particularly those involved with children and special populations. Unfortunately, most volunteers may not have received formal training to prepare them adequately for the coaching role.

The SG-Coach Community Coach Programme has been developed with the main objective of helping volunteer coaches who are currently assisting a NROC coach, to learn the basic skills of coaching.

SG-Coach Programme

SG-Coach Community Coach Programme

SG-Coach Community Coach is designed for individuals who wish to be an Assistant Coach mainly in Learn-to-Play Programmes (LTPP).

Programme Pre-Requisites

  1. To have a Level 1 NROC Coach as mentor
  2. Standard First Aid and AED

Expectations of a Volunteer Coach

An effective volunteer coach will need a number of skills. Besides knowledge about the sport, he or she will need to know how to relay that knowledge effectively to the athletes.

To do this, volunteer coaches will have to be able to:

  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of a good coach
  • Understand the legal responsibilities, coach safety and protection, and risk management principles
  • Prepare a session plan to meet the participants needs and goals
  • Safely conduct a coaching session, ensuring fun, learning and maximum participation through games and activities.
  • Communicate effectively to build positive relationships with athletes and stakeholders

Programme Overview

To achieve these, a total of five modules (as shown below) will be covered in the SG-Coach Community Coaching Programme.

Module 1

Values and Principles in Sports

Online (SportSG-ED) - 2 Hours
Classroom - 3 Hours

Module 2

Safe Sport and Sport Safety

Online (SportSG-ED) - 2 Hours
Classroom - 1 Hour

Module 3

Coaching Process

Online (SportSG-ED) - 1 Hour
Classroom - 3 Hours

Module 4

Coaching FUNdamentals

Online (SportSG-ED) - 1 Hour
Classroom - 3 Hours

Module 5

Building a Positive Culture in My Sport

Online (SportSG-ED) - 1 Hour
Classroom - 1 Hour

Course Requirements and Assessment Criteria
  • Full attendance
  • To complete the reflections in the learner’s guide
  • Pass Safe Sport Exam (Passing mark: 80%)
  • To participate actively in all activities
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