Intermediate Sport Science (ISS)

Intermediate Sport Science

What’s Intermediate Sport Science?

Intermediate Sport Science (ISS) course equips its participants with the sports science knowledge to coach competitive athletes in their early years of competition.

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Intermediate Sports Science (ISS)

Course Waivers

Intermediate Sports Science

1. Direct Waiver

Direct Waiver for the FSS and ISS courses is given to those who have graduated from the following local courses:

  1. Nanyang Technological University’s Degree in Sport Science and Management
  2. National Institute of Education’s Diploma / Postgraduate Diploma / Degree in Physical Education
  3. Republic Polytechnic’s Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
  4. Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  5. Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sports Coaching
  6. Republic Polytechnic’s Part-Time Diploma in Sports (Coaching)
  7. Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management
  8. Singapore Polytechnic’s ‘Introduction to Sports and Exercise Science’ Module
  9. Institute of Technical Education’s Higher NITEC in Sport Management
  10. Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) Bachelor of Science Sport and Exercise Science (Top-Up) offered in partnership with PSB Academy
  11. Edith Cowan University, Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) offered in partnership with PSB Academy
  12. PSB Academy's Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  13. PSB Academy's Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sport Coaching)
  14. International Management and Sports College Pte Ltd (IMSC) Diploma in Sports Science and Management (DSSM)

Applicants who graduated from the above institutions holding similar certifications, but higher than the above listed courses (e.g. Masters) may also be given direct waivers on a case-by-case basis. Applicants who are granted ISS Direct Waiver are exempted from paying the administrative fee.

All curriculum listed on this webpage have been approved by CoachSG following a rigorous curriculum review process.

2. Other Certifications

Individuals with a Diploma / Postgraduate Diploma / Degree in “Sports Science” or “Sports and Exercise Science” or “Sports Coaching” from other institutions will be reviewed by an accreditation panel.

The accreditation panel will review application for waiver of Sports Science certification based on the submitted degree, diploma, and post-graduate programmes and their accompanying transcripts. Based on the evaluation, the applicant will be given either a waiver from FSS and / or ISS course attendance or be required to attend the course itself (at full cost).

If you are interested in seeking for accreditation for ISS via recognition of prior learning, please apply via this link.

There is no cost for the evaluation BUT please note that a certification fee of S$54.50 (including GST) will be charged If an ISS waiver is granted. For unsuccessful applications, no administrative fee will be charged and applicant encouraged to enrol in the FSS and ISS courses.


Intermediate Sports Science
Intermediate Sports Science

Should applicants have further queries, please e-mail