Pathway To Become A Coach

Pathway To Become A Coach

How the pathway works?
The Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme is an enhanced training and development pathway for all coaches in the community, clubs or high-performance sport programmes. The aim is to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches. Coaches trained in this programme will gain multi-dimensional skills in the area of sports science, coaching, life skills, evidence-based practices and will be able to promote social values and principles. The SG-Coach Programme replaces the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) since 27 March 2015. As all existing NCAP certificates remain valid, obtaining accreditation from NCAP to SG-Coach is NOT required. Coaches will now be able to enrol in required certification courses based on course availability and their interests rather than a prescribed, sequential order.

Community SG-Coach

Parents - My First Coach
Volunteer Coaches / Volunteers - Community SG-Coach

Foundational SG-Coach

Become A Coach
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Master Coach

Become A Master Coach