Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What is SportSG-ED?

SportSG-ED is a robust, dynamic and innovative e-learning platform supporting the learning and development of stakeholders across Singapore’s sport ecosystem, especially for coaches. The portal aims to be a compelling platform for online sport education, and an impetus for coaching excellence and sport knowledge management, that could bring sports professionals and experts in the field from local and around the world together.

Q: Why SportSG-ED?
icon-trusted-contentTrusted Content – Courses, videos, workshops, reading materials and e-learning content are from subject matter experts in various content areas, verified and exclusively curated by SportSG and our training providers. This is going to be Singapore’s largest selection of sports related learning content online.
icon-future-readyFuture Ready Learning – SportSG-ED allows users to select from a developing range of learning content that are pertinent and meets the prevailing learning needs of sports professionals. The digital learning environment prepares sports professionals for the various modes of learning possible.
icon-accessibilityAccessibility – Learning content are either in blended or e-learning mode. Users can access e-learning content anytime from anywhere, at their convenience across multiple platforms and devices that include computers, tablets or mobile phones.
icon-knowledge-retentionKnowledge Retention – Learn with various engaging and interactive content, with sound, video and knowledge check quizzes that would lead to better knowledge retention.
icon-personalised-learningPersonalised Learning – Learners can choose their learning path at their own pace, and make choices on relevant content to match their continuing education needs.
icon-industry-recognizedIndustry-recognized Credentials – Access the range of industry recognized certifications by CoachSG for coaches’ ongoing development, in their path for coaching excellence.
icon-learning-communitiesLearning Communities – More than 4000 sports professionals are members of SportSG-ED. Join them to contribute in the communities of practice and knowledge forum.
Q: How to access SportSG-ED?
Q: How to create an account for SportSG-ED?

You need to have an existing ActiveSG account or create a new ActiveSG account to login to SportSG-ED. Follow the video user guides here to create your account:

  1. Create a SportSG-ED account with your existing ActiveSG account
  2. Create a SportSG-ED account with a new ActiveSG account
  3. How to access Safe Sport module for NROC Coaches?
Q: I am a first-time user. I How do I activate my SportSG-ED account?

After you log in to SportSync, click on the “SportSG-ED” tab. Follow the instructions on the page (Click the “Launch” button) to open and activate your user account for the SportSG-ED website.



Q: I clicked ‘Forgot Password’ on the SportSG-ED login page but have not received any email to reset my password.

Ensure that you have also checked your spam or junk folder in your email. If you still do not receive any ‘reset password’ email after 30 minutes, please click here for technical assistance and select ‘SportSG-ED’ from the dropdown menu category.



Sportsync Access With ActiveSG Account

Q: I am unable to create an ActiveSG account to access Sportsync. It says, 'invalid ID'.

This indicates that you may have an existing ActiveSG account. 

Click on 'Forgot Password', here on the ActiveSG member sign in page. 

Once you have reset your password, return to Sportsync and sign in with your ActiveSG account. 

For ease of subsequent access to Sportsync, we strongly advise that you activate your Singpass for Sportsync sign in.

If you are still encountering issues with your ActiveSG account, please send your queries to



Q: I still am unable to sign in even after I have tried all the possible ways.

Send your query or issue here

Select 'Technical Issues' from the drop-down menu. 

In your query, provide:
- the specific sign in issue that you have encountered
- upload any relevant screenshots or screen recordings, where required 




Q: There is no 'launch' icon for me to start the next topic.

Checked that you have completed the previous topic or module. 

Some modules and topics must be completed in sequential order. 

The ☑️ indicates that you have completed the topic / module.



Q: I am unable to see any content when I 'launch' to start the e- learning.

Ensure that you have allowed the 'pop-ups and redirects' in your web browser settings. 

You may also try to sign-out and sign-in again. 

Example - Google Chrome:



Q: What does the percentage indicate?


It indicates your learning progress within the entire e-learning. 

If you have finished all the topics and modules, 100% will be reflected.

Q: The e-learning that I'm supposed to complete is not found on my 'Learner' home page.

Use the search engine and enter the keywords of the e-learning.

If you are still unable to find the course, contact your NSA administrator. 

Example: Type “SG-coach Theory” in the search bar



Q: I am unable to start my e-learning and I keep receiving an error message every time i reload a page.

Sign out and the sign-in again to SportSG-ED. 

Restart your laptop / device you are using 

If it persists, send your query or issue to 

In your email, provide:
- your Sportsync ID,
- the specific issue that you have encountered any relevant screenshots or screen recordings, where required

Downloading Certificates

Q: I have completed my e-learning but I am unable to view and download the certificate. / I have attended and completed all the course requirements but my certificate is not available for download.

Ensure that you have completed all learning objects in the curriculum, including an online evaluation, where provided. All learning objects are compulsory requirements to be completed before you are able to obtain the certificate. 

For courses with face-to-face sessions (i.e. SG-Coach Theory Level 1, VPS), your attendance is marked in the system by your trainers, upon verification and successful completion of assignments. This currently excludes the NSAs' full integration programme. 


Ensure that you have allowed the 'pop- ups and redirects' in your web browser settings. 

Example - Google Chrome:


Check your email for the link to download the certificate. 

Q: I have taken the necessary actions listed and I'm still unable to download the certificate and/or receive error messages.

Send your query or issue to

In your email, provide:
- your Sportsync ID,
- the specific issue that you have encountered any relevant screenshots or screen recordings, where required 


E-Workshop Access

Q: I am unable to find any e-workshops to start viewing the videos.

Use the search engine at the top of the home page and type, ‘e-workshop’. 

Select the series of your interest to start. 

Repeat this when you are looking for another e-workshop series to view. 



Q: Must I finish the first video on the list before I can progress onto the next?

No, you need not do so.

Select the e-workshop of your choice to view and complete.

Q: Must I complete the entire e-workshop series?

No, you need not do so. 

Select the topics that interests you more and then return to the other videos to further enhance your knowledge. 

Q: I have finished watching the video, where can I access the e-feedback and quiz?

Click on ‘Mark as complete’ and you will be able to ‘Launch’ the quiz. 

Refer to screen shots below. 



Q: What does the percentage indicate?

It indicates your learning progress within the e-workshop series. 

If you have finished all the videos and quiz in the series, 100% will be reflected.



E-Workshop E-Quiz

Q: I have completed the feedback but I am unable to find the link to the quiz

Look out for this hyperlink at the top of the page to access the quiz.



Q: How do I view my quiz scores?

Click 'View score' and you will be able to see it thereafter.



Q: I scored less than 8 out of 10 for the quiz, how do I redo it?

Click 'Submit another response' after you have viewed your scores. 



Q: Is there a limit to the number of quiz attempts?

You have unlimited attempts until you achieve 8/10. 

Your highest score will be recorded. 

Q: Must I complete the quiz within a certain time?

You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz, with unlimited attempts. 

So just keep trying!