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SG-Coach Programme

What is SG-Coach Programme?

The Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme is an enhanced training and development pathway for all coaches in the community, clubs or high performance sport programmes. The aim is to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches. Coaches trained in this programme will gain multi-dimensional skills in the area of sports science, coaching, life skills, evidence-based practices and will be able to promote social values and principles.

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Values and Principles in Sport

Research has shown that participation in sports is closely linked to health, well-being and the development of life skills such as problem-solving, communication, decision-making, leadership, perseverance and time-management. Positive experiences in sports are associated with lifelong sports participation. As such, inculcating values and principles in sports are critical in laying the foundation for the future.
VPS Workshop Details

VPS Workshop Details

Helping coaches to reflect upon one’s personal values, learn which values are beneficial to the all-rounded growth of youth and how to teach them through sports coaching.
PE coach

VPS Accreditation

Coaches can be exempted from VPS workshop if they are currently a Ministry of Education (MOE) Physical Education (PE) teacher in service from 2015 onwards.

Pathway To Become A Coach

Parents & Volunteers

My 1st Coach Programme

My 1st Coach Programme is designed for adults especially parents, equipping them with knowledge and skills to develop FUNdamental movement skills in their children so that they may lead a physically active lifestyle.

SG-Coach Community Coaching Programme

Community SG-Coach is designed for individuals who wish to be an Assistant Coach mainly in Learn-to-Play Programmes (LTPP).
For Parents
Certificate Of Achievement

Replacement of Lost Certificate

If you misplaced your NCAP / SG-Coach certificate(s), you can request for reprints. Please refer to the Certificate Replacement Form for more information.