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About Safe Sport

What is Safe Sport?

Based on the International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement (2016), Safe Sport is defined as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse.”

Coaches have a duty of care to protect their athletes and to report any abuse when they see or experience it. Coaches are to also ensure that they work in an open environment, abide by the Coach’s Code for Ethics and Follow the Rule of Two to protect themselves from vulnerable situations.

Safe Sport
Safe Sport Unified Code

The Safe Sport Unified Code

The Unified Code is the cornerstone of the Safe Sport Programme and sets out a unified reference for the Singapore sporting community that defines, describes and explains the forms of abuse and harassment which may take place in the sporting environment.

Categories of misconduct under the Unified Code:
Offences Under Domestic Laws
Sexual Misconduct
Physical and Psychological Misconduct
Other Inappropriate Conduct
Misconduct related to Process

The Unified Code may be adopted by any organisation by reference to the Unified Code in its member protection policies and agreements.

Why is Safe Sport important?

All participants in sport, including athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, have a right to engage in Safe Sport. In 2018, Sport Singapore (SportSG) embarked on a multi-agency collaborative effort by launching the Safe Sport Commission and made a rallying call for the sporting fraternity to collectively safeguard sport.

In consultation with the International Olympic Committee and local authorities, SportSG and the Safe Sport Commission has developed policies and guidelines aimed towards eradicating harassment and abuse in sport. This includes establishing a reporting process for Safe Sport-related matters and providing awareness programmes to ensure the public is kept informed and updated of the available support.

“We recognise the importance of creating a safe sporting environment. This is a responsibility shared by all members of the sporting fraternity and the Safe Sport Commission will continue to work with SportSG to strengthen its Safe Sport framework, policies and processes. Together, we can achieve a safe and abuse-free sporting environment for all in Singapore.” said Ms Chan Yen San, Chairman of the Safe Sport Commission.

Report a Safe Sport Concern

Looking to seek help or disclose or report an incident related to Safe Sport?

Safe Sport Module Requirement for Coaches

All coaches under NROC are required to complete the Safe Sport online module by 1 Jan 2025. More information can be found here.

The module equips coaches to recognize, prevent, and respond to various forms of abuse, and to ensure safe sporting practices are executed in their coaching. It is important as coaches have a profound duty of care to their athletes.

Coaches may log in SportSG-ED with your SportSync ID as your Username (your SportSync ID starts with the letter “I”- Log In SportSync to get your SportSync ID). Click on "Forgot Password" if you do not have one. Once completed or if you have completed it previously (or under SG-Coach L1 Programmes (from 2021) or SG-Coach Community Programme), do ensure you upload your certificate in SportSync. You may refer to our User Guide if you require assistance. 

Safe Sport Resources

Safe Sport Resources

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