Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme

Programme Details


The Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme is an enhanced training and development pathway for all coaches in the community, clubs or high performance sport programmes. The aim is to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches. Coaches trained in this programme will gain multi-dimensional skills in the area of sports science, coaching, life skills, evidence-based practices and will be able to promote social values and principles. The SG-Coach Programme replaces the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) since 27 March 2015. As all existing NCAP certificates remain valid, obtaining accreditation from NCAP to SG-Coach is NOT required. Coaches will now be able to enrol in required certification courses based on course availability and their interests rather than a prescribed, sequential order. 

The programme consists of 3 progressive phases targeted at various development levels (Community SG-Coach, Foundation SG-Coach Development and Master / Specialist SG-Coach) with 3 main components. These 3 components are:

  • Sports Science - covers various disciplines of sports science such as psychology, nutrition, biomechanics, physiology and strength and conditioning.
  • Theory  - covers the general principles of coaching such as sport pedagogy, fundamental movement skills, sport safety and management, effective communication, Singapore sports eco-system as well as teaching of values and principles
  • Technical  - covers sport-specific considerations such as sport demands, specific training methodologies, techniques, and sport strategies.


My 1st Coach Programme is designed for adults especially parents, equipping them with knowledge and skills to develop FUNdamental movement skills in their children so that they may lead a physically active lifestyle.

Community SG-Coach is designed for individuals who wish to be a Coaching Assistant mainly in Learn-to-Play Programmes (LTPP).

SG-Coach Level One is designed for individuals who wish to coach novice participants in community and / or youth sport.

SG-Coach Level Two is designed for coaching competitive athletes in their early years of competition. Specialised topics in these courses include the development of annual periodisation plans, training methodologies, test and measurement, sports science applications, social values and principles, and sport analyses.

SG-Coach Level Three. The individual would need to possess knowledge in sports science to apply evidence-based coaching. They would be trained in multi-year periodisation planning, advanced sport analyses and training methodologies, performance tracking and analyses, international competition systems, and sports science applications. A significant portion of the module will be taught through workshops, facilitation and mentorships with a National Coach. At this level, coaches may also opt to specialise in 1 or more of these 3 areas: (1) community sport; (2) performance sport and / or (3) para sport.

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SG-Coach Technical Programme Accreditation

SG-Coach Technical Programme covers sport-specific considerations (such as sport demands, specific training methodologies, techniques, and sport strategies) while SG-Coach Integrated Programme incorporates both Theory component and sport-specific considerations. Hence, possession of an Integrated certificate would be viewed as possession of both Theory and Technical certifications. Both Technical and Integrated Programme are delivered via a mixture of classroom-based and workshop-based teaching with assessments that may come in the form of assignment, demonstration, and / or examination.

There are two methods of accreditation available for interested individuals:

  • Accreditation through Coursework: This is suitable for individuals who wish to gain knowledge and / or competencies through attending classes, workshops and assessment. Please contact the respectively National Sports Association (NSA) (refer to list below) for course information.

  • Accreditation through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): This is suitable for individuals who had formal learning in areas of coaching. All Technical / Integrated accreditation via RPL are subjected to the evaluation and approval of the relevant NSA. Please contact the respective NSA (refer to list below) for more information:

The following table shows a list of sports with SG-Coach coaching courses, where:

  • Level 1 Full Integration – comprises Foundational Sport Science (FSS), SG-Coach Level 1 Theory and SG-Coach Level 1 Technical components
  • Level 1 Integrated – comprises SG-Coach L1 Theory and SG-Coach L1 Technical components only
  • Level 1 Technical – comprises SG-Coach L1 Technical component only
Sport Community Coach Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Archery   Full Integration    
Aquatics - Swimming   Full Integration Full Integration  
Aquatics - Artistic Swimming   Integrated    
Aquatics - Water Polo   Full Integration Full Integration  
Athletics   Full Integration    
Badminton   Full Integration    
Basketball   Full Integration    
Bowling   Full Integration Technical Technical
Boxing   Full Integration    
Canoeing - Canoe Sprint   Full Integration    
Cycling Full Integration    
Dragon Boat   Technical    
Fencing   Full Integration    
Floorball   Technical    
Football   Full Integration Full Integration  
Goalball   Technical    
Golf   Full Integration    
Gymnastics - Fundamentals of Gymnastics   Integrated (1A)    
Gymnastics - Intermediate Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)   Full Integration (1B)    
Gymnastics - Intermediate Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)   Full Integration (1B)    
Gymnastics - Intermediate Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)   Full Integration (1B)    
Gymnastics - Intermediate Trampoline   Full Integration (1B)    
Gymnastics - KinderGym   Technical    
Hockey - Indoor and Outdoor   Full Integration    
Ice Hockey      
Ice Skating - Figure Skating   Technical    
Ice Skating - Short Track Speed Skating   Technical    
Judo   Full Integration    
Jump Rope   Full Integration    
Lawn Bowls   Technical    
Life Saving   Technical    
Netball   Full Integration    
Pencak Silat   Full Integration    
Rugby   Full Integration    
Sailing   Technical    
Sepaktakraw   Full Integration    
Shooting - Rifle & Pistol   Technical    
Squash   Full Integration    
Table Tennis   Full Integration    
Taekwondo   Full Integration    
Tennis   Technical    
Triathlon   Integrated    
Volleyball   Full Integration    
Weightlifting   Technical    
Wrestling   Full Integration    

Any Questions?

Email or your respective NSA admin. 

If your sport is not listed above and you are required to complete the SG-Coach Theory Level 1, more information here!